My website has been on hold for a few months while other things have taken priority but hopefully I’ll be able to post more often now. To start with here are some autumn photos of Halls Cleave taken while I was staying at Clifford Barton last November

The weather on the day of my walk was perfect but we’d had a fierce storm the night before so everywhere was soaking wet. The air was chilly but I was well wrapped up and there was no wind so although I couldn’t linger long in any spot it was an enjoyable outing.

Deer tracks.

Earth and sky.

There are remains of a number of old boundary hedge banks hidden in the woods, this one is more accessible than most.

An old charcoal burning drum.

Several side valleys drain into Halls Cleave.

Looking southeastwards into another side valley. Halls Cleave is a very peaceful spot. I’ve been there several times now and am planning to return this spring. Hopefully next time it will be warmer and drier and I’ll have a chance to make some work on site.


Text and images © Angela Williams 2018

Fingle Woods – Halls Cleave
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