Following on from my previous iron gall ink making post, here’s a quick update on what I did next.

After removing the linen wrapping I used the rusty metal to make several prints. For the darker one on the left it was placed onto cartridge paper and a tea was trickled over it using a pipette. The paler version on the right was done afterwards – I used the same technique but in that instance I filled the pipette with water instead of tea.

Here’s what happened when I omitted the white vinegar in the hope of simplifying my ink recipe! Skimming off the mould and boiling up the ink with added vinegar seems to have corrected the problem, though I’m now storing the bulk of my supply in the fridge to be on the safe side.

Trying out the new ink. Expressive calligraphy written with one of the oak twigs that I picked up while I was collecting the galls.

Text and images © Angela Williams 2017

Rust prints and ink lettering
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